IBS Crest The Irish Benevolent Society of London
The Irish Benevolent Society, since 1877, has provided an opportunity in the London area for
the Irish and their descendants of all faiths, and their friends, to work together in harmony
for the purpose of preserving their Irish heritage and performing works of benevolence.

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Formal Terms of Use, Privacy, and Linking policies are still under development. In the mean time, here's the short version:

Terms of Use

The Irish Benevolent Society of London, Ontario is dedicated to promoting peace, goodwill and Irish culture, without regard to political or religious affiliation. Information presented on this website is offered, and must be used, in accordance with this principle. All contents of this site are copyright © 2003-2014 by The Irish Benevolent Society of London, Ontario, except for the parts that aren't. The Society, its Executive and Members, the Webmaster, our hosting service (including past, current and future hosts), the Governments of Canada and Ireland, and anyone else directly, indirectly or peripherally associated with this website assume absolutely no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury of any form, real, perceived or virtual, resulting from the use of this website, including but not restricted to bankruptcy, bruised ego, emotional discomfort, hives, nausea, pimples, dismemberment or loss of life. Enter at your own risk. Your mileage may vary.

To the best of my knowledge, we are entitled to use all materials displayed on this site, and all information is as accurate and current as reasonably possible. If you have good cause to believe otherwise, please let me know and give me a chance to remedy the situation.


The servers which host this site, like all web servers on the Internet, may collect information which identifies you, your computer, and your web browser, as well as a record of your travels through this web site. This information is required for analysis and planning of the operation of this site and its host servers; this is simply an unavoidable result of the way the Internet works. Information details collected in the server logs, as well as information specifically provided by you to the Society, will not be released to any third party without your express permission except as required by law, and will not be used to contact you without your permission.

The Irish Benevolent Society website does not (at present) use cookies for any purpose, nor will we ask you to download or install any software or browser plug-in or add-on. We do occasionally provide content in PDF format which requires a third-party software package to view; acquisition and installation of this package is your responsibility. This site does not contain advertising of any kind, or employ popups which link to "affiliated" sites; nor do we authorize any intermediary, content distribution network or access provider to do so, or to otherwise (with the exception of the Internet Archive Project and similar initiatives) modify the content of any page before delivery. If you encounter any of the above behaviour, please contact us immediately, as something somewhere has obviously gone dreadfully wrong.

Linking To This Site

You may (in fact, please do!) link to this site, with the following restrictions: You may freely link to the entry pages at www.irishbenevolentsociety.ca, provided that the linked page is displayed at the top level of its window and not within a frameset external to this site. Also, if you do link, I'd be grateful if you let me know. Please do not link to any other part of this site without my permission; if you want my permission, email me and we'll discuss it.

All terms and conditions described on this page are subject to change without prior notice; such changes will take effect with their presentation on this website.

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